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These are REAL comments from  actual students. 
We are proud to be a small part of your continued success and wish you all the best in your careers!
These are REAL comments from actual customers.  We are so proud to be a small part of your continued success and wish you all the best in your careers!

Took the second part of (focused clinical exams) today and finally passed ... 3rd try... I used study group 101 CD this time...

Hi thanks! for me sg101 worked great, but everyone has different study habits, I retained info better from sg101 than reading books. Also liked the quizzes and review questions they offered within each study guide.  Nclex next week and sg101 got me there with no fails.

All thanks and praises to God, I finally stopped procrastinating and took the Microbiology exam and PASSED with a B!  My #1 advice is to study EVERYTHING on the college (content) guide using Study Group 101.  That's all I used.

I just wanted to write and say THANK YOU so much for the producing your study guides.   I started ASN program in 2009.  I was very frustrated with their study guides!  I started looking around for something to help simplify and condense the information.  I found your CDs on Ebay and thought I would try it out.  After that 1st one, and passing my exam, I purchased the rest of the study guides for all my exams!!!  To be complete honest with you, I NEVER opened another one of my textbooks for any of those exams.  I passed every one and will be taking my  (clinical performance exam) in July.  

Hello, I wanted to say thanks for putting the material out there for Excelsior C
ollege nursing students. If it wasn't for mystudygroup101 I would have not graduated. I used all the materials from your website from beginning to end, studied, and now I am a Graduate Nurse from ---------- as of Feb 21, 2104!!! I tell people all the time about your website, and how it is possible to graduate from the program using your information. I really appreciate it and your company are Nurse Angels. If you like you can add my comment to your website.
Thanks, from the bottom of my heart, Tish G, GN

 Also, I had DREADED taking Microbiology (the ONLY science class I hadn’t taken before starting this program).  Even as I scheduled the test, I kept thinking……”I CAN’T do this!!!”  I am happy to say that sat down with the study guide, went through ALL those Microbiology sections, studied my heart out and still felt like it was a foreign language, BUT I passed!!!!  

…  I feel like I am a living advertisement for MyStudyGroup101…I have referred every person to your study guides, and I will continue to do so!!!    I cannot THANK YOU enough for the information that you provided through your study guides.  Thank you for helping me succeed in my education!!!  Sincerely,   Amber C

...Also wanted to let you know your study guides are great I have taken 4 ----- exams using only your study material dont know if I would have been successful without them have only 3 more.   Karen

... I bought other notes on eBay and these a WAYYYY better, thank you for all your hard work :}  Callie

 I have purchased a few of your study guides and have been very happy and successful with the material... Carole

... I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, you are a true life saver!!!  Monie

You guys are the Bomb!  Great customer service and response time - I'll be back for the rest of my study guide material!!!! - Kassie

 ... Using just your exams I passed all the classes with a 3.8. I wish also had a video collection of the skills being done.  Eric  LPN PhR

 ...I have used your study guides for my HDAL2 and (focused clinical assessments) as well as helping me hone my skills at care plan writing.  These are a fantastic tool.  I wish I had found you all earlier!  Lisa

...One of my friend passed her last exam by only studying your study guide. Kelly

...I have to tell you I have used your study guides before, they are excellent!!!!  I couldn’t have done it without them.  Taffney

...  Thx guys for everything. I recently passed my NClex RN State board - your help was gold to me and I'm very greatful.  Jean

...  Your study guides are great!  I've passed 3 exams so far with 2 B's and 1 A - I'll tell everyone about you!  Nanc

...  I'm done!!! Waiting for (clinical exam) and I couldn't have done it without you guys!!   JB

...  Thank You so much I just got A's on HDLS3 & Transition!.  Your CDs were so helpful!  Danielle

... The cd's were fabulous! I received A's on all the tests & quite frankly could have saved even more money by NOT buying so many books ... the cd's were 95% enough...Lisa

... Thanks! I owe my success to your study material...Vickie 

... You are wonderful and I could not have come this far without your notes!!!  Robin

... Just wanted to let you know that I already received the A & P CD today... it is awesome! It is so much more organized and easier to understand than the other one I purchased through eBay! I will only be buying YOUR Study Guides from now on!  ...  Wendy  
P.S. Feel free to use this testimonial so other prospective buyers can be assured that your product is the best out there.

...   I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for World Religions Study CD, This CD helped me to understand this subject in more detail than the ordered books required to prepare for this exam.  I passed Dantes Dsst on world religion and very happy that I purchased your CD.   Again,  THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!  Brenda

… I just wanted to comment on the great study guides I've used to pass 3 of my (nursing) exams: Essentials of Nursing Care: Health Safety(B), Chronicity(B) and Reproductive Health(A)! I've bypassed buying all of those expensive books (the college) recommended and used only your study guides to pass my exams. I'm grateful to be able to print all of the files on the CD, and the practice tests helped out a lot! The cost is a steal compared to the other test prep businesses such as The College Network and RUE... Thanks again for making my goal and dream to become an RN easier and possible!   Sincerely,  Shantrell 

... Wonderful Passed every test with B or A. Got B in micro! This is great info!  Jen

...  Just wanted to tell you that this is the last study guide I need to buy from you. I passed my (clinical) last weekend, and graduate after Micro. Since I found your store I bought every study guide I needed from you and they are the best!! Thank You so much!   Jennifer

...  I originally used iStudySmart and didn't find it to be as good a resource especially for the price, you cannot beat it! I took the Nursing Health Differences exam yesterday and passed with an A!!! Thank you so much, I will be purchasing more from you once I finish Health Safety.  Andrew, NREMT-P

... Thank you for everything.  I have completed all my nursing concepts with a B average.  Terri

... OMG!! This is fabulous!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much! What a bargain :) I'll be back next week for the next one as my test is on wed. You rock, Angel  - UPDATE:  Thanks so much for making this easier! You guys are awesome! The test went great! I’ve ordered the next one. I am scheduled for Monday ...  Angel

OMG!  I got an A on MICRO!  You rock!!  I used your study guide and an old textbook, which I hardly even opened - that's all!  I'm buying all my stuff from you! Duncan2/11/2009 Testd on Chronicity 2 days befor receiving and content is spot on! Got in 2days! PawBear7

I just received my Essentials Health Safety CD!! I love you!!!!! This was the best thing ever.. Every little detail was there please post this on  your page..... I will soooo be back for the others. Thank you , Thank you, for offering your knowledge and services!!!! Tammy 

...wanted to tell you i passed with a B... didn't study too much but I only used your materials and I didn't study too hard.  If I did, I know I would've gotten an A. I love all your guides, they have made such a difference... ronin
I just wanted you to know that I received my CD study guide today. The item arrived fast and I am very pleased with my purchase. This study guide is ultimately the best compared to one of your competitors on EBay for ---- study material. Thanks so much for helping me to get one step further in my studies. God Bless. Michelle

I just wanted to let you know that I passed Life Span 3 with an A today, thank you for the notes.   Sincerely, Angela

Hello I bought study guide 3 from you off eBay I passed with an A and all I studied was your guide…Thank you!   Conscience

Got an A on NC3 today! Holy cow, that was a BIG test. Yikes...   In any case, I'm grateful for your study materials -- I used them heavily during my "refining" phase of studying…Thanks again,  Lisa S. (Note:  Lisa is now a BSN RN working on her masters degree!!  WooHooo!!)

Wowo, I was really surprised at the quality and work put into the study guide. it looks like a good investment. I am glad I ran into your eBay listing. I will recommend you to everyone.  Louis J.

I AM GRADUATING!!! I will be pinned on 5/10 and graduate on 5/12.  Thank  you for your study guides and encouragement!!!!  Carol 

I purchased your notes back in March for the test and just took it this morning and passed with a B. Just wanted to say how helpful your notes and practice tests were for preparing for this exam. I will be purchasing notes for my remaining tests with you!!
Thanks again,  Vicky 

I can't thank you enough for the study guide for nursing concepts 4! I got my first A by using your material!!! They were so organized and full of information needed for the test. I can't wait to order my next one! Thank you so much!!! Nicole
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