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Other Exam credit options – if you want to save a few bucks…

The list below is current in case you want to get credits before enrolling.

     Keep in mind Excelsior will not accept Anatomy or Micro as ACE credit from Straighterline or English Comp from CLEP. But they will accept them from other colleges. All of these options are cheaper than EC.

  • Find a course or exam you want to take
  • call or email your adviser and tell them you want to take it (if already enrolled at EC),
  • wait for approval, then enroll. If you are not already enrolled,
  • be sure to only take the courses/credits that have been verified below that have been previously accepted for credit if you are not already enrolled at EC..
  • Check your local community college for online & hybrid courses – community colleges usually have lower tuition rates…

     “Excelsior College will accept the credit recommendation designated by the ACE website only. These examinations will only be awarded Pass/Fail grades. The credit recommendation as stated on the ACE website will determine the level and credit amount awarded for each examination.”  See ACE approved credits approved include those from CLEP, DSST, Straighterline,, ALEKS,, and many others. If the institution is not listed below, find the course you want and tell your adviser that it is ACE approved and request permission to take it.

  •   Straighterline – ACE credit courses: $99 per month and $49+ per course - they have Math, English, Humanities credits
  • ALEKS - Their math is now accepted through 2020 - ACE credit - College Algebra
  • Davar Academy offers Information Literacy that is accepted by EC – Its $80, plus a $30 proctor fee
  • Best price! IVY Tech Community College online courses $161.67 per credit hour out of state, $111.15 for Military - That’s $485 for a 3 credit course. They do have Anatomy & Physiology & Microbiology with Labs online!
  • Portage Learning online courses, cost is $585+/- total cost for each course.
  • Clovis Community College online courses,$993 for 3 credit course
  • Rio Salado College online courses, tuition is $215 per credit hour
  • LSU Louisiana State University online courses, tuition is $ 758 for a 3 credit course
  • CLEP exams $87 plus proctor fee (usually $20+/-) taken at a local college & some high schools:
  • DSST exams $87 plus proctor fee (usually $20+/-) taken at a local college and some high schools:
  • If you have financial aid, look through the EC courses – some interesting choices there, such as ENGL315 “Zombies in Literature and Popular Culture” or even “Vampires…” and they have a new one on ‘Witches’ ... Zombies in Literature and Popular Culture (Course) to satisfy humanities/electives.

Remember, you are limited to 7 total ACE credits for your ADN degree… .

Note: Prices are subject to change. Please report or repair broken links!

UExcel - CLEP - DSST exams information :  Download PDF
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